School Shopping Program Info

School Shopping Program Information

The School Shopping Program means money for your local schools. It is a simple and fun way for schools to earn much needed funding by encouraging students, families and friends to shop!

Parents, friends, students and supporters simply credit the amount on their mall receipts to the school of their choice, and schools win cash prizes!

Schools can also earn points in the program by means that do not require spending money including attending special events, showing school spirit and submitting monthly bonus point options. These alternatives help to make the program beneficial for schools of all sizes. There’s even an opportunity to earn points through social media participation! Every participating school that meets the minimum point requirement receives an award at the end of the school year based on their total points earned.

For more information, please read our FAQ section to the right, or call/email 1-800-762-1641 or

Program Application

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Publicity Points

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  • How do I sign up my school to be in the program?

    It’s easy, just click on the application link on the left side of this page and complete the form and submit.

  • How many publicity points can my school receive each month?

    You can submit ten items of publicity every month, for a total of 10,000 points.

  • How can I view my school’s rankings in the program?

    Click on School Shopping program on our website, click on the Participating Shopping Centers and choose the mall or shopping center your school participates in and you will see your school’s points.

  • How does my school receive their award at the end of the program?

    Each school that participates and meets the minimum point requirement must be present at the Final Awards Ceremony in order to receive their award.

  • Where do we send publicity points?

    Creative Marketing Arts
    11 Natoma Street, Suite 140
    Folsom, California 95630

  • What happens if our school doesn’t earn very many points?

    Your school must earn a minimum of 40,000 points by the midway point to remain in the program.

  • How can we promote the school shopping program at our school?

    Distribute the flyers provided to your school. Create publicity opportunities each month that promote the program throughout your school and provide examples of each effort to receive up to 10,000 publicity points (per month).

  • Is each parent required to take their own receipts to the mall?

    No they are not, receipts can be submitted online at Simply take a photo or scan your receipts on your mobile device or computer and submit by selecting your school’s program and completing the online form. If your school would like to create a drop box at your school that parents can drop their receipts in, you may do that and also receive 1,000 points each month that it is up.

  • Can I collect receipts from the garbage or have stores collect them for me?

    No! It is not a receipt drive, receipts in groups of time and date will be tossed out and your school will be subject to removal of the program for rules violation.

  • Can we link our school’s website?

    Yes, simply link to this page on your website.

  • How do I submit my receipts online?