Shapell Properties is a residential and commercial real estate development company. Properties include shopping centers, PUDS, and high-end homes. CMA was commissioned to take over marketing at seven Bay Area properties – desperately in need of a digital makeover.


The Challenge
Creative Marketing Arts was commissioned to update all seven Shapell properties on all digital platforms.


Details of the project included optimization (SEO), analytics, digital rebranding, making better use of advertising dollars and increasing visibility of the merchants at each of the properties.

The Strategy
Redesigned and optimized websites that were both user and search engine friendly and included trackable results and backend analytics. The websites had attractive copy, images and logos.


Created social media content that was original and creative with high engagement.


Solicited offers and bounce backs for online programs.


Added outreach and boosting to social media.


Developed new logos and branding taglines.


Included community links, merchant digital deals, store links and social media inclusion on websites.


Geotagged merchants on social media to increase visibility.

The Results

Four months into the project, CMA created optimized websites with backend analytic crawlers, updated social media platforms with geo-fencing, targeted marketing, sponsored ads and digital deals, increasing reach and frequency.