Cartoonized version of Kim Kelley

Kim Kelley

Marketing Guru

(916) 235-9396

Kim Kelley is the Principal at Creative Marketing Arts. With over 30 years in the Shopping Center industry, Kim offers creative ideas blended perfectly for REIT Advertising and Marketing. With an eye for perfection and creative flair, Kim offers all clients Out of the Box solutions.

Cartoonized version of Sara Espinosa

Sara Espinosa

Director of Marketing

(916) 235-9396

Sara Espinosa is the Director of Marketing at Creative Marketing Arts. With 10 years’ experience within the company she makes it a priority to stay on top of the ever changing/growing industry of managing, marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities.

Cartoonized version of Kayla Amick

Kayla Amick

Assistant Marketing Director

(916) 235-9396

Kayla Amick, Assistant Marketing Director for Creative Marketing Arts, is an ambitious marketer with a broad understanding of creative digital and social media marketing and advertising concepts. With her valuable skills, Kayla has a focus on what’s best for each client.

Cartoonized version of Kirby McGee

Kirby McGee

Community Guru

(916) 235-9396

Kirby McGee is the Community Guru at Creative Marketing Arts. She is here to help her team wherever necessary. Bringing to the table a new perspective and creative side to assist our clients with all their marketing needs.

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Cartoonized version of Dylan Blankenship

Dylan Blankenship

Digital Guru

(916) 235-9396

Dylan Blankenship, Digital Guru at Creative Marketing Arts, is eager in assisting with all aspects of web development and updates for CMA and our clients.

Cartoonized version of Courtney

Courtney Monasch

Guru Intern

(916) 235-9396

Courtney Monash is the newest guru on our team and is enthusiastic in assisting with all of the marketing needs for our clients.

Cartoonized version of Kelli

Kelli Murphy

Digital Asset Producer

(916) 235-9396

Kelli Murphy is the Digital Asset Producer for Creative Marketing Arts. With her vast knowledge of all things digital and social, she brings valuable skill and focus to the team.