Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about what Creative Marketing Arts does for your company?
See if your question is answered below with some of our frequently asked questions & answers.

Digital marketing incorporates everything from your screen including social media, web development and more.

Your budget is personal. A minimum budget for management and ads starts around $1,500 per month plus set-up fees.

You don’t have to have a website; you could run your business with social media, but a website is the glue that holds it together and is highly recommended.

A question that is difficult to give a straight answer—a basic campaign with the necessary features to begin is $5k - $10K.

We never consider anything to be cheap, cheap will not give quality work or integrity behind it. But you can get a simple stock ad for around $1,000 with components to share on social media.

Google is the engine that runs behind the scenes, we add the gasoline that keeps it running.

AdWords are a compilation of strong indicating words that increase online traffic and recognition to not only your website but maps and your Google business page.

Quite simply YES, how much you put into it depends on your personal goals.

CMA does everything for you so you can concentrate on building your business. We stay in contact and available to you throughout the entire process as well.

Direct Mail isn’t dead but the way we distribute it is very much alive—you need digital and snail mail to rock your results.

Yes, it works, how you manage and share your stories and ads is the key to the success.

CMA does not require a retainer; however, you will get more out of the team on a retainer. It will move you to a higher level of priority.

CMA will calculate the hours needed to get your business on fire—once we determine that with you the cost will be determined.

The retainer will depend on the needs of the client. Retainers start at $2,500 per month for social and creative layouts for digital programs.

CMA will assist with media alerts and outreach to local mediums.

CMA is not focused on producing events; however, we do schedule events if they fit the profile of our team’s goals.

Property management/marketing for shopping centers is our core client base.

CMA will track all the results of everything we produce and provide a complete synopsis of analytics quarterly to provide a comprehensive overview of what your budget/advertising is returning to you on a quarterly basis.

LinkedIn is an important and complicated part of the puzzle—it is an essential part of the digital pie.

Quite Simply, YES!