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Bonus and Publicity Points

There are two ways to gain extra points for your school.

  1. Bonus Points - Bonus points are extra points your school can earn when your students attend mall special events. Examples include: Kid’s Club Events, Photos with Santa and the Easter Bunny, showing your report cards and shopping at highlighted retailers. A sign-in sheet will be provided at each of these opportunities and points will be allocated to your school when you sign in.
  2. Publicity Points - Anytime you promote the School Shopping program to your school or in the community, you have the opportunity to submit that promotion for additional points. You can earn 1,000 points for each submission, up to 10,000 publicity points per month for your school! Publicity points must be sent by the 5th of the next month to be counted toward your monthly ranking.
    Ideas for Publicity Points
    • PTA/Booster Club/Principal’s Newsletters
    • Student’s newspapers
    • Incorporate information into weekly emails to students parents
    • Notices on school’s marquee
    • Banner or sign posted at prominent places at school
    • Additional flyer distribution
    • Mentioning the program on voicemail at your school
    • Linking our website and/or the mall's website to your school’s website, or mentioning the program on your website.
    • Poster contests-have classes compete in making School Shopping Program posters, then use them to hang around the school and community
    • Mention the Program on PTA/PTO agendas or other meeting agendas and send us a copy.
    • Create a dropbox for receipt collection in your school's attendance office or in classrooms - 1,000 points per box
    • Pictures
    • Bulletin board postings
    • Classroom displays-we’ve had pictures sent in of some great dioramas and projects promoting the program
    • Link video tutorial of online receipt submitting to school website
    • Link online receipt submitting link to school website