Summer 2021


The trend story for summer is all about the Sorbet!  Bring on the fun colors of summer and go full-emersion from hair to hips this season — anything goes.  After coming out of a year in hell; GIRLS (and boys!) JUST WANNA HAVE FUN

Headshot of a girl with green dyed hair

Let’s Get A Colorful Headshot!

Summer Trends

Color your hair any fun color for summer, come on it is just die, it won’t be forever! This summer go for one of the pastels like soft emerald, cotton candy or just fun platinum, if not now—when?

Lady wearing a very colorful headdress made of scarves & large earrings with multiple colors.

A Salute to Scarves

Summer Trends

This year you can place a scarf anywhere you want: to your bag, your arm, neck or waist, but if you want to stay on trend place it on your head and don’t stop at one. Use multiple layers to keep it interesting and festive. Put on some big sunglasses and earrings and you have just reinvented your bad self.

Woman wearing a green dress and knee boots.

Killing 2 Birds with 1 Stone

Summer Trends

This is a twofer; this little mini emerald dress is a summer trend on its own; pair it with knee high boots and you have set yourself up for greatness.

White purse with fringes.

Stay on the Fringe

Summer Trends

We know fringe comes and goes, but mostly it comes out season after season. This summer a white fringe bag will fill the needs for every outfit in your closet. And why stop at one -- get a dress-up fancy small one and an oversized crossbody to really get swinging.

Woman with camel colored lips with pink & soft red clothes.

A Perfect pastel

Summer Trends

Camel is one of the season’s favorite color picks for summer. Keep in mind you can look flawless if you keep make-up in the same soft color palette as your outfit. Mix nude lip color and soft pinks to get the perfect finish.