Summer 2023


Trend updates: Everything old is new again–pearls are back! Thank you, Harry Styles!

Bright red slip on shoes.

Tote Around

Summer Trends 2023

Big totes in every color are making a comeback this summer… luxury royal colors are all the rage.

Woman covered in all white colored clothes.

A Quick Frill

Summer Trends 2023

The trend we all pretend to hate. Yep, the peplum is back this summer. Don’t knock it until you try it.

Woman wearing a denim jacket.

Three in One Big Trends

Summer Trends 2023

This outfit has three big summer trends: who doesn’t want coverage from a hot summer sun? This oversized summer hat with a long denim skirt and fisherman sandals is a heat stopper. Love this!

Woman wearing a short white skirt and carrying a bright orange-red purse.

Color Pop

Summer Trends 2023

A cute sleeveless dress and adorable animal print tote -- what a fun way to add color on a hot summer day.

Woman wearing a plaid white and brown jacket and brown pants.

A Basic White Always Right

Summer Trends 2023

We all have a pair of white sneakers—pull them out and mix them up with skirts, dresses & yoga pants—this will turn any outfit into an instant classy look that will take you right through summer.