Girl with fringe clothes

Fringe Benefits

Summer Trends 2019

Take your fashion to the edge with fringe this season. You will find fringe on most of your fashion accessories as well as jackets, skirts and shoes. So, go get your fringe on this summer.

Girl in dress with scarlet colored accessories

Two In One

Summer Trends 2019

The color of the season is Scarlet RED. We love it on nail polish, handbags, a tight t‑shirt or skirt. It is the “must have” for the summer. Wear on a tote as an accessory with scarlet red and add a clean, white pair of sneakers and you will have two top trends this summer.

Palm tree reflection on shades

Palm Trees

Summer Trends 2019

This summer we are seeing Palm Trees on everything. We have always loved this tree and it is making its debut once again in all the stores in every way. Strappy blouses, decals on your Louis Vuitton and flip flops. We are even seeing it on wedding dresses!

Lady surrounded by blooming flowers

Full Bloom

Summer Trends 2019

Now that spring has sprung, it is time to wear your blooms on your dresses, purses, blouses! Anything with a fresh floral appeal will get you to the top of the trends for summer.

Lady in heeled sandals

Barely There

Summer Trends 2019

It is time to toss the white boots with those worn down heels and slide into something bare and pretty on your winter feet! Slip into a barely there strappy white high heel sandal giving the illusion of a naked, barely there sexy look.