Spring 2021


I can feel the weather getting warmer and the days are getting longer. It is a new season upon us, and I cannot wait to jump into my white pants, get my perky new hairdo and take a time out to the nail spa! My nail beds and roots are going to thank me. Welcome spring 2021!

Two hands holding a teacup.

This Little Piggy Went to An Upscale Nail Salon

Spring Trends

Don’t you love when you leave the nail salon with the prettiest, cleanest nails. This year keep it simple with a fun uplifting nail color to match the season and all your spring favorites!

Pile of white shoes, white purse, and white shades.

White -- All Right

Spring Trends

I always look forward to bringing down my white accessories from the rafters. It seems so often the purse or shoes from last spring have a slight yellow haze from improper storage. But that’s okay, I can’t wait to delve into the new styles for Spring 2021.

Woman wearing grey trench coat, silver shoes with a white sole, carrying a white bag.

Two Trends In One

Spring Trends

I love the new platform slip on sneakers. I do not know who did this look first, Dior or LV, either way, thank you. They give me a little lift in my step and elevate my height to a perfect 5’5”. You can throw on your perfect trench coat with your sneaks and crossbody bag and head out the door – you’ll be ready for anything.

Blonde white woman wearing blue tinted, gold framed reflective shades. With thick red lipstick on her lips.

Gladiators and
Red-HOT Chanel Lips

Spring Trends

The lipstick counter is turning up the heat on red hot color this spring. We have been hiding our lips behind masks for a year now—Let’s reveal a brand new you. If one thing brightens my face instantly it is a bold lip color. Pair that with the newest Aviator sunglasses and you have two very fun trends.

Woman splaying her fingers in front of her face, wearing multiple fancy rings.

Rings & Things

Spring Trends

I love the look of rings on every finger. I haven’t been bold enough to actually wear this style, but I envy those who do. Walking through the jewelry department at Nordstrom I always stop and admire the elegant pinkie rings and thumb rings—I will get there one day. Go out be bold and stack up the rings & things.