Galleria at Sunset – Sunset Students Program

Galleria at Sunset is excited to announce their new community outreach program, Sunset Students. The program awards local Henderson area schools with prizes ranging from $250-$2,000!


Sunset Students works by awarding participating schools points for every dollar spent at Galleria at Sunset from July 20th, 2019 through April 30th, 2020. Supporters of the program simply credit their receipts to participating schools by presenting them to Galleria at Sunset Guest Services or by submitting receipts online.


Additional points can be earned periodically for shopping at specified stores, attending special events, as well as promoting the Sunset Students Program on your social media!


We will award cash prizes at the end of the program based on total points earned throughout the school year.

Sunset Students final rankings for 2020. 1st place Silver Sands Montessori. 2nd place James Gibson Elementary. 3rd place John Dooley Elementary. 4th place Pinecrest Academy. 5th place Nate Mack Elementary. 6th place J, Marlan Walker Elementary. 7th place Jim Thorpe Elementary. 8th place Legacy Traditional Charter. 9th place Glen Taylor Elementary. 10th place Selma Bartlett Elementary. 11th place Lamping Elementary.

Don’t see your school listed? Click here to sign up!